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Top 10 tips for writing a CV: No2. Spelling and grammar

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It may seem obvious. But, if it is, why do over 30% of CVs still contain spelling errors?

When you think about how important a CV is, it"s just incredible the number of spelling and grammatical mistakes that crop up. Heavens, it"s only a 2 page document, surely it can"t be that difficult to get right?

"Well, people just can"t spell any more..."

Some people bemoan the fact that kids aren"t taught the importance of spelling and grammar at school anymore. They"re too busy learning about global warming, environmental degradation and the huge turnaround needed by the human race to prevent us wiping out mother earth. Hmm. But a CV is still important. There may be some brainy people with great ideas on how to change the world but they still need to get the right jobs to make it happen right?

So why does it happen?

The main reason mistakes abound is simple and actually very human: most people check their cv themselves. Once you become familiar with a document you tend to miss errors very easily. The answer is to get someone else to check for you. They"re far more likely to spot driving "license" when it should be "licence" (in the UK that is).

It"s also an unfortunate aspect of human nature that when faced with a pile of CVs, recruiters generally look for reasons NOT to interview people. To recruiters spelling mistakes literally leap out of the page.

Funny that isn"t it. Have you ever wondered why with all your qualifications and experience you"ve been surprised at the lack of interviews you"re getting? The answer could be as simple as one badly positioned spelling mistake.

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