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Top 10 tips for writing a CV: No3. Keep the format clean and clutter free

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"White space is good". I remember saying that to my old advertising clients. It took some convincing. But it's true. And it's true for CVs as well (and websites and, well, just about everything you read). The eye finds it much easier to focus on something when there is clear space around it. If there are too many words jammed into too small a space everything is vying for your attention at once yet nothing grabs it. Make the headings nice and clear so a reader can dip in and out of sections easily.

What typeface should I use?

Use one that's easy to read − arial or tahoma are perfect. They're the only two typefaces we use and are almost universally available on every PC. Try not to use a serif (you know, with the funny curves and stuff − like Times New Roman).

What size text?

Keep point size to 11 or 12. Anything smaller and the reader might start squinting.

How am I going to fit everything in?

The skill in creating a great CV is to put just enough information to whet the appetite of the reader into thinking "I want to find out more. You don't need to reveal how you take your coffee just yet.

Remember − you've less than 10 seconds to make an impression. Make what you say count and give space a chance.

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