Top 10 tips for writing a CV: No6. Think achievements, facts and figures.

by Neville Rose at CV Writers

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Sell yourself. And back up what you say. This may be one the trickiest aspects of writing your own CV.

Some people write great things in their ‘professional profile’ then leave the reader wondering how this person ever came to that conclusion. There’s no demonstration of these skills in the rest of the CV.

Too many people simply don’t write great things about themselves period. They resort to cliches that apply to almost everyone on earth. Find original words (use a thesaurus) that describe your strengths. But most importantly back this up with demonstrable evidence.

Recruiters love facts and figures. They’re indisputable. They place a real value on what you’ve achieved. It’s fine to write about team achievements too. If your team smashed their sales target in the last quarter by 75% then say so. If your store scored 98% for customer service from a mystery shop then shout about it in your CV.

In your ‘work history’ it’s easy to get carried away reeling off your responsibilities. Don’t. Write a short summary of your key responsibilities then write extensively about your achievements. The results you’ve attained (or helped attain). Numbers, percentages, fractions, timescales and even quotes from satisfied customers.

Your CV is the first and last attempt to get you an interview. Give it everything you can.

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