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How to ensure that the CV you send out is the CV that employers want to receive.

This short article will inform you how to get the best from your CV, how to evaluate your CV and how to target it for the position you want.

The recruitment process can be challenging. However, ultimately every company wants to hire the person who either has the most relevant education, experience, transferable skills or potential. In addition, they are looking for an employee with the personal characteristics that will easily fit into the existing company culture. Your job is to persuade the person who is hiring you that you are exactly the person they are looking for.

Sounds simple? Well it can be difficult, so we hope these tips help you.

Firstly you need to look closely at the job advertisement, highlight the most important aspects of the role. Write down exactly what skills, education or experience the employer is looking for. Next gather information about the company so that you can effectively evaluate the culture of the organisation.

Now you should have a clear idea of what experience, education and skills the employer is looking for, re-read your CV and identify your relevant experience or education. Consider your achievements and see if any of them are relevant to the role.

You should also understand the company culture, your relevant achievements and what you can bring to the role. Armed with this information you can now look over the CV and change any aspects that are not clearly demonstrating your understanding of the role. Pay particular attention to using relevant power words that enhance your CV.

We would always recommend having a break and then returning to your CV at a later date as this should give you a more objective viewpoint. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer when you check your CV. Make sure your CV covers all of the aspects that the employer is looking for. If you have a detailed person specification then go through each aspect and check that your CV covers each point.

Look over the CV again as a whole. When you are happy with the CV spell check it thoroughly and ask a friend to check it over before you send it. This will help to ensure you have clearly demonstrated why you are the ideal person for the job. Print out a copy for your records and send it.

If you are struggling with your CV, don"t forget that CV Master Careers provides a wide range of services to assist with the production of a professional CV which is targeted effectively towards the type of role you are seeking. See for further details.

Good luck!

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