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Finding vacancies and identifying potential employers

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Applying to the right companies will save you time and energy.

This article will show you how to set up a basic record of vacancies and employers. We will also share ways to find the "hidden vacancies" and ways to be ahead of the competition.

Traditionally, vacancies were only generally advertised in the regional newspapers, usually once a week. Today the recruitment "landscape" has changed and it is set to keep changing and innovating. We have seen an explosion of different methods that employers can use to advertise their vacancies. It can be overwhelming to try and find vacancies, but this article will hopefully save you time and will make your job search more effective.

Newspapers can still be a great resource; however, many newspapers have also developed their own website. This has the advantage of candidates being able to access jobs as soon as they appear. It also means that you are not restricted to applying for local jobs. This can be particularly useful if you are relocating or are interested in jobs outside of your local area, national opportunities and also home-working positions. It also means that you also don"t have to run out and buy the paper; you can check vacancies from the comfort of your own home, which should save you time.

Many recruitment agencies and employers also have their own websites so that you can check if there are any vacancies. This is also helpful when you are deciding if an employer is suitable to send a speculative enquiry. Even if your ideal job is not listed, you can look at the jobs advertised to see if they are looking for your skills. Speculative enquiries are one of the main methods to discovering "hidden" vacancies. An employer may not have yet advertised the position and if you send in an enquiry then you could be first on the shortlist. Sometimes employers will "create" a position so they can utilise your particular skills.

There are also numerous jobs boards which advertise vacancies. The choice can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to decide which ones to join. Generally the niche websites are the most effective, especially if you have a distinct skill set. The smaller jobs boards seem to have more personal service and have more relevant vacancies and are useful if you are looking for a job over a wide search area. Some websites also have job alerts that you can sign up to, which tell you when vacancies which suit your skills are advertised.

It may be useful for you to create a basic spreadsheet with details of the jobs boards that you have signed up to, potential employers and newspapers that carry the vacancies that you are looking for. This spreadsheet can also be used to record which of the services are the most successful for you. It can be useful to join a mix of different sites, so that you do not miss any vacancies.

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