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How to make applications, from call to close, that you get noticed.

A speculative application is an application which is made to a specific company in the hope that there is a position available within the company which is not currently being advertised.

Making this type application can also be useful to ensure that the company has your details on file for the future. There are many stages to the recruitment process, so this is one way that you can get ahead of other applicants.

There a few key ways to make speculative enquires, either on or offline. The important thing to remember is that you need to be as formal online as you would be offline. You can now target employers effectively by researching them online and finding a fit with your own skills. It is preferable that you actually want to work there as you need to be prepared to expand on your reasons why you made the application.

As part of your research it would be beneficial to find out information about the types of candidates they regularly recruit for and details of any vacancies they have previously advertised. Check the details and familiarise yourself with the vacancies. You can also research the salary scales, areas of business expansion and any new developments in your target industry. You can use this information to help you when you are making the application.

When making speculative enquiries it is essential that you keep accurate and up to date records of who you are applying to, the reasons why you have applied and details of their business. I recommend making speculative applications in small batches, as you can monitor, keep track and follow them up more effectively.

You need to always accompany this type of enquiry with a well written Cover Letter or email clearly explaining your skills and the reason why you are applying. Ensure that your CV is targeted directly to the application. Your earlier research should make this easier. To give it a personal touch you could also contact the company to try to obtain the name of the person, or department who would be responsible for your recruitment.

Check that you have really tailored your CV and that you have clearly demonstrated how your skills and experience will benefit your target audience. Make sure the document stands out and has impact; we find that using colours on the CV can help with this. Perhaps you could try a different CV design to get a recruiters attention. Finally, please ensure that your CV is error-free and that you have thoroughly checked it over.

You can either follow up your applications by letter, email or telephone; just choose the most appropriate method for your target. Always be polite and be ready to talk about yourself and your interest in the company. However, do not waste a recruiter"s time, as they may have lots of applicants contacting them, not just you! Make sure that you stand out for the right reasons.

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