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The company was founded in 2009 and has offices in New York and London.

Our broad and deep history in the art market, along with our passion for technology and science set within the context of technical art history, allows us to provide unparalleled support to the art world, complementing traditional art history, provenance research, and connoisseurial opinion; these forces drive the work of ArtDiscovery. While utilizing current techniques and technologies, we are far more than ‘scientists.’ All of our specialists are trained conservators; your art is safe in our hands and art handling and security requirements are well understood. We strive to help our clients increase the value of their art or giving the required confidence when buying art.

At ArtDiscovery, our experts have spent decades collecting and analyzing data on an extensive range of reference materials, especially pigments. Our database of pigments is the world’s largest, privately owned collection exclusively licensed from the Pigmentum Group consisting of Ruth Siddall, Tracey Chaplin, Nicholas Eastaugh, and Valentine Walsh. Moreover, we use the associated spectral libraries daily as the most robust reference standard in the industry.

Our unique intellectual property, experienced leadership team, and passion for art and science are what stands us apart and has allowed us to be the market leader for the testing and examination of your valued art.

162-164 Abbey Street
Neckinger Mills

Phone: 442070641433

Website: ArtDiscovery

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